Your Dental Professionals Need To Know Your Medical History and Medicines

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People are living to an older and older age. We are also seeing people have more illnesses and maladies and with this they are taking more and more medications. These various medical problems alone can have numerous symptoms and signs. On top of this people are given numerous medications to combat these illnesses. Unfortunately these medications have many side effects that can cause other problems.

Not telling your dentist could be deadly. Hopefully one of the first things your dentist is doing at each visit is asking you to update your medical history and medications. Dental offices need this information for a variety of reasons. They need to help come up with a treatment plan, they need to know what outside things can be affecting what it going on in your mouth, they need to be able to know what they can and cannot do to help your dental health.

It is important when you go to the dentist that you bring the following information with;


  • Be able to tell your dental health team anything your medical professionals are treating you for,
  • If you are currently being treated by your medical health team, bring phone numbers for any of those professionals so your dental health team can confer with them regarding your potential treatment.
  • Bring a list of any medications, supplements or other home aids that you are currently taking.

Your dental team will want to make sure that anything they are doing to help you obtain and maintain your optimal dental health will not be affected by any condition you have. It may be something as simple as having you use a home fluoride to help protect your teeth more or doing something to help combat dry mouth that is a result of your medications. Not doing this may make you more prone to severe dental problems that will require more extensive and expensive treatment.

The above things are important in allowing your dental health care team make decisions as to what they can and cannot do for you.