Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Tooth Whitening Is it Safe?

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With the interest in tooth whitening today, people have wondered how safe tooth whitening is if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In today’s world of studies, there have been no studies regarding tooth whitening and pregnancy. The American Dental Association suggests that  “clinicians may consider recommending that tooth whitening be deferred during pregnancy”. This is what most dental professionals follow as being safe and recommended, making it standard protocol. Additionally the same can be said of women undergoing fertility treatments.

Many people will then ask if tooth whitening is safe during breastfeeding. Again there have been no studies to determine the safety of breastfeeding and tooth whitening. Medical and dental professionals seem to be split as to what to do in this situation, with some saying it is ok to tooth whiten while breastfeeding and others say she wait until she is no longer breastfeeding before performing any tooth whitening. Part of the reason for this split is because of how the peroxide from the tooth whitening agent passes through the body and it is thought by some that the peroxide levels would be undetectable in the mother’s milk by the time it had worked through mom’s blood system. Peroxide is naturally produced in the body so it will always be there.

Therefore the general consensus on tooth whitening during pregnancy, breastfeeding or fertility treatments is that a woman should not do any tooth whitening while pregnant or going through fertility treatments. A woman should check with her ob-gyn and her dentist to see if their health care professional feels comfortable with them tooth whitening during this time.