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Having your tongue or lip pierced is one of today’s most raging fads. It has become so readily available and unfortunately is not covered by any regulations.

There are many risks and adverse effects involved when it comes to getting the tongue pierced. It makes it possible for microorganisms to enter your blood stream and mouth. Many people also suffer form allergies to certain metals than can affect them. People with heart conditions can also be adversely affected by having their tongue or lip pierced.

While many people today find it attractive to get their tongue or lip pierced, there are many risks associated with tongue or lip piercing.

  • Piercing your tongue or lip occurs without the use of anesthetic as most people doing the piercing are not licensed medical professionals and are prohibited from using it.
  • It is possible to hit a blood vessel or nerve if not done in the right spot.
  • If too short a barbell is used it can be lost within the tongue.
  • Damage to teeth. Teeth can chip or crack rom the constant exposure to the piercing
  • A piercing can prevent a person from properly chewing or digesting their food
  • People who get their tongues pierced ultimately lose some of their sense of taste
  • Piercings can also affect a persons speech
  • Increased scar tissue on the tongue or lips which can affect all of the other things mentioned
  • Increased chance of infection due to the amount of bacteria allowed to cling to it
  • It can cause swelling of the tongue, which can affect the person’s taste, chewing etc.

People think that a piercing can make them look better or cool by today’s standards. The fact is a piercing of your tongue or lip can cause a multitude of problems and ultimately affect you for the rest of your life, usually negatively!