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As your Milwaukee dentist, it is part of our job to help you smile with confidence and ease! Here at Levine Dental Associates, we are providers of skilled and compassionate care and welcome patients of all ages. Making a comprehensive selection of advanced dental services available for the benefit of our valued patients, we look forward to helping you achieve a healthier and more attractive smile. Whether you are looking to straighten your teeth with SureSmile® aligners or you require anything from a checkup to emergency care, you can be confident that we are well-prepared for your arrival. New patients are always welcome to our state-of-the-art facility, your resource for the best in modern dentistry.

Your smile is one of your most important physical features, it communicates warmth, friendliness, and confidence. While a more harmonious smile is on the wish list of many, the prospect of wearing traditional orthodontic appliances can make one feel hesitant about proceeding with care. While braces are an effective treatment solution for crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth, wearing a mouthful of brackets and wires may not be ideal for image conscious patients such as teens and adults. As one of the most advanced systems of care SureSmile clear aligners offers patients a more discreet, comfortable, and convenient way to achieve a straighter smile. In partnership with the Sure Smile laboratory, our Milwaukee dentist will design a course of care that will align your smile based on the exact specifications of your case. With SureSmile aligners, your teeth are moved incrementally closer and closer to their correct positions according to a carefully planned treatment schedule. Best of all, since SureSmile aligners are virtually invisible when worn, no one will even know you are in treatment. Moreover, your aligners can also be removed for short periods of time, so that you can still eat, brush, and floss the same as before.

If you are considering Sure Smile or any other cosmetic enhancement as well as treatments for your smile, pay a visit to our Milwaukee dentist at Levine Dental Associates. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call our office today.

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