Chewing Tobacco and Dental Health

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Many people think that chewing tobacco is a safe substitute for smoking. What these same people don’t understand is that chewing tobacco can cause some major problems. If you are going to chew tobacco it is important to understand the various risks associated with chewing tobacco.

  • Chewing tobacco may lead to oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the largest crowing cancers in the world and it can be deadly.
  •  Tobacco can greatly stain your teeth and affects your smile in a negative manner. These people tend to not smile as much. People who chew tobacco develop yellow stains on their teeth.
  • Chewing tobacco can cause bad breath. Who would want to kiss someone with tobacco breath?
  • Various sores may also appear inside the mouth of people if they chew tobacco on a regular basis. Some of these sores could possibly indicate the presence of oral cancer.
  • Increase blood pressure and heart rate could also be a result of chewing tobacco. Ultimately this could lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Many people think that chewing tobacco is better than smoking. However, it is not true. Chewing tobacco can also very dangerous for someone’s health.

If someone wants to live a healthy and long life they should give up tobacco in all forms.

To give up tobacco you will need strong will power. Sometimes you will need professional help to accomplish this.

There are other things someone can chew instead of tobacco different. Mint snuff is a healthy substitute for people who can’t go without chewing tobacco. It satisfies the urge of people to chew tobacco while at the same time it offers little or no side effects. Other things like sugar free gum, sunflower seeds and Jerky are available to help people quit chewing tobacco. Please make your dentist aware if you are a tobacco chewer.